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Creepy Crawly Kits
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Creepy Crawly Kits

Insects inside!

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    Adding the egg and cabbage to the net cube

    Add your new best friend with his food into the net cube

    We reckon David Attenborough has got it right. Why spend your downtime slouched in front of the telly when you could be up to your elbows in the natural world? You’re never too young to become the neighbourhood’s number one naturalist, which is why we’re buzzing and flapping in excitement over these incredible insect-friendly kits.

    The Creepy Crawly Kit comes in two versions – Butterfly and Stick Insect – and lets you observe and enjoy the terrifically bizarre world of these invertebrate beauties. Whether you’re watching the eggs hatching or just crooning a song as they chow down on their leaves and nectar, you’ll be transported into a little world all of your own.

    Each bug house is a self-contained world for your insect pals: a roomy 28 x 30 x 27.5cm net cube that lets the breeze through, and it comes with a feeding pipette, tweezers and magnifying glass to let you care for them in close-up. You also receive a handy step-by-step guide that takes you by the mandible and explains just how to order your own insect eggs and how to care for them once they’ve made themselves at home.

    Feeding with the pipette Using the magnifying glass The tweezers

    Feed your egg with the pipette

    Watch your caterpillar grow and grow

    Use the tweezers for any intricate emergencies!

    Colouring book with games

    The instructions double up as a colouring book with games!

    There’s more to these super-skinny stick insects and billowy-winged butterflies that you might think. The humble stick insect can wave around to simulate being blown in the wind – and some species even vomit on their attackers when threatened, just like Amy Winehouse. And the butterfly has more than great looks – it can taste food through its feet and lift 50 times its own bodyweight, a skill it shares with Vin Diesel. Well, the lifting perhaps. Not the foot thing.

    The Creepy Crawly Kit is suitable for anyone over five years old who loves the natural world and the wonderfully weird things that live in it. We’re talking compound eyes and green skin weird, by the way, not living in a car and having a pet pasty weird. That’s a kit we don’t sell!

    The kits available...

    The Butterfly Kit

    The Butterfly Kit

    The Stick Insect Kit

    The Stick Insect Kit

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