It's a wind-up

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      Creatures are weird little things. Part toy, part gewgaw, slightly robotic, slightly insectlike and decidedly original, they don't really do anything amazing. It's more a case of "that was pleasing for a few seconds, I should like to do it again". A feeling common to many, that need to fiddle with a gizmo for a few seconds, and in Creatures there's a ready fix.

      All of the Creatures act like oversized mechanical insects, scuttling and buzzing on their spindly metal legs following a few turns of the key in their backs. The clockworkness somehow gives the Creatures a retro charm, despite them not being based on any specific plaything of old.

      You get the impression that The A-Team as 11-year-olds, if locked in a stationery cupboard by an evil teacher (perhaps trying to force other teachers out of business) would knock up something akin to Creatures with the equipment surrounding them. Of course, it would have to be a cupboard with an oxyacetylene torch for the pre-pubescent B.A, but the analogy still stands.

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