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Creative Zen V Plus

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    Before you start rummaging around the Apple yard for a titchy MP3 player, you'd be wise to check out the ultra-sleek Zen V Plus. Because gadget connoisseurs (ourselves included) agree that this iGod-trouncing slice of Creative genius trumps the competition in almost every department.

    Creative Zen V Plus

    Tiny size!

    Available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB versions, the V Plus is crammed with user-friendly features and unlike its equally teeny rival (begins with 'n' ends with 'o') boasts video playback. So as well as filling your lugholes with high quality digital music, you can play video clips and view photos too!

    Creative Zen V Plus




    Thanks to its crystal clear 1.5" OLED* colour screen, watching video clips on the V Plus is a squint-free pleasure. You can even flip vids horizontally for a wider aspect. Okay, so it's hardly a 42" plasma, but if you want to watch the latest Girls Aloud video on the 7.15 from Paddington (and who wouldn't?) this is ideal.

    Creative Zen V Plus
    The shapely V Plus also features a convenient line-in jack, which allows you to transfer music directly from a CD player (no computer required). And just like Creative's other players it has a built-in microphone, so you can record voice memos (note to self: this V Plus is flippin' awesome).

    If all this technology is making you sweat, relax: an amazingly intuitive joystick makes navigating menus a breeze; a complete techno-dunce could find the aforementioned Girls Aloud vid in seconds. Learning the dance moves is another matter - we've tried!

    Creative Zen V Plus

    Mic, Line-in, Headphones and USB 2.0

    Add to this litany of brilliance an FM radio, multiple format support, alarm clock function, 8 preset and custom EQ settings, plus a rechargeable battery capable of powering the V Plus for up to 15 hours, all in a tiny box ( 43.5mm x 67.5mm x 15.9mm ) that weighs just 43g and you're looking at a player good enough to give its whiter than white rival a serious inferiority complex.

    In fact we can think of no good reason why you wouldn't want a Zen V Plus in your pocket right now - unless your trousers are in the wash. So get ordering while stocks last. This little gizmo's set to fly off the shelves faster than you can say iWhat.

    Creative Zen V Plus

    Zen V+, lanyard, pouch, CD + manual, headphones, USB cable, line-in cable.

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