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Creative Zen Touch

And Zen there was music. Lots of it!

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    If you're still listening to music on the move via CD or tape, we've got just one question: why? MP3 players are superior in every single department, and the amount of music you can cram into these increasingly diminutive devices is truly staggering.

    If, perhaps, it's the price tag that's been worrying you then worry no more, as the phenomenally feature-packed Creative Zen Touch does everything its rivals can and more, yet it costs under £180! Ticking all the right boxes in terms of style, size and capacity, this 20GB box of tricks is more than a match for the omnipresent iGods of this world, and, thanks to a nifty rechargeable lithium-ion battery, boasts a jaw-dropping 24 hours playback time.

    Creative Zen Touch The chic and sexy Zen Touch holds up to 10,000 tunes in WMA format or 5000 in MP3 and its super-fast USB 2.0 interface lets you transfer and AudioSync™ your music seamlessly in record time. Navigating the Zen's voluminous library and creating playlists on the go is a doddle because this skilfully engineered bit of kit features a unique touch-sensitive pad that allows you to locate your tunes by song, album or artist. And you can view your playlists and song selections on the Zen's natty blue backlit screen. It's easy peasy MP3sy!

    Creative Zen Touch But what about the sound? Well, imagine having a state-of-the-art sound system surgically wired into you eardrums and you're halfway there. The Zen's incredibly crisp sonics ( up to 97db Signal-to-Noise Ratio ) are music to the ears - literally. You can even customise the experience via a 4-band custom equalizer and EQ preset function; so adding bass to your Beethoven, midrange to your Manics and treble to your Travis has never been easier.

    Creative Zen Touch

    The Zen Touch comes complete with Creative MediaSource software - a dummy proof package that allows you to organise your music and effortlessly convert your CDs to MP3 or WMA format. You can also create playlists and drag and drop songs in an instant.

    Creative Zen Touch

    Yes, we know Apples can be mighty tempting, but the beautifully built Zen Touch is just as juicy and it's going for a song.

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