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Creative Zen Stone

Incredibly simple, simply incredible

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New Creative Zen Stone Plus:
Introducing the tiny Zen Stone Plus. This sleek gizmo can now store twice as many songs as the original - up to a thousand! Featuring the same smooth curves as its predecessor, it now boasts a circular blue display with clock, stopwatch, FM radio and microphone. Pop it in a pocket and keep it with you all the timeÂ… it's the MP3 player you'll love!
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    Creative Zen Stone

    Zen Stone Plus - 64 x 64 pixel display!

    Are you looking for a no-nonsense MP3 player? An incredibly titchy device that sounds as good as it looks, clobbers its closest rival price-wise and doesn't tie you to a particular piece of software (begins with 'i' ends with 's')? Well look no further because you've just found one. Laydeez and gentlemen, introducing the Zen Stone.

    Made by our Apple cart-upsetting friends at Creative, this funky gizmo is a genuine challenger to the all-conquering iGods, particularly that screenless one whose name rhymes with ruffle. No, not the truffle, the shu…

    Creative Zen Stone

    Play, repeat or shuffle

    Creative Zen Stone

    Zen Stone - Available in 3 great colours

    Despite its geologically-inspired name, the sleek and curvaceous Zen Stone bears little resemblance to a chunk of rock; in terms of size we'd say it's more of a pebble. But don't be fooled by its diminutive dimensions and puny price tag; the Stone packs a mean sonic punch, and it's so simple to use even your granny could work it out (once she unplugs it from the teasmade).

    With its 1GB capacity the Stone is capable of storing up to 500 songs - more than enough for all you joggers, gym nuts and commuters. And when you fancy swapping tunes the Stone's standard mini-USB connection makes it a doddle. Simply drag and drop files straight in or manage your music using Creative Media Lite. You can even drag and drop tracks from another computer - no drivers or downloads required.

    Creative Zen Stone

    Zen Stone - It's tiny!

    Talking of idiot-proof features, the Stone's ergonomically designed, one-touch controls allow you to navigate through your music with ease. A nifty skip button lets you jump from folder to folder and there's also a random button so you can mix things up.

    If you're looking at the gorgeously engineered Zen Stone and wondering what the catch is, there isn't one. Even the built-in rechargeable battery gives up to 10 hours playtime, so unless you're planning on running a marathon in a diving suit or listening to War and Peace in one sitting, you're sorted.

    Creative Zen Stone

    Zen Stone - Slim-line design!

    This is one Stone we can't see gathering much moss, so hurry up and hit Buy. Your ears and your pocket will thank you for it.

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