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Creative Zen Sleek
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Creative Zen Sleek

What's all this Zen?

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    We usually begin our MP3 player descriptions by berating anyone who has yet to join the digital revolution and poking fun at ancient audio formats. But we're bored with that. Besides, the fact that you've managed to find your way onto our site using this marvellous new interweb thingy means you don't need us to explain the infinite advantages of MP3 players, do you?

    Creative Zen Sleek Therefore we can only conclude that you are MP3-less because you can't decide which one to buy. And that's where Firebox can help. The gorgeous Zen Sleek is the latest (and some say greatest) player to emerge from the Creative stable, and just like its predecessor (the Touch) it's bound to upset the Apple cart because it's more than a match for the mighty iGods of this world.

    Creative Zen Sleek Creative's 20GB Zen Sleek does everything the pricier icompetition can and more, yet it's actually smaller and lighter than its ubiquitous rival and boasts a rather nifty FM radio and built-in microphone. Finished in chic aluminium with cool white control surfaces the Sleek really looks the biz. But it's more than just a pretty fascia because its 20GB hard disk can store up to 10,000 songs in WMA format or 5,000 in MP3. Transferring music is a doddle: fast USB 2.0 connectivity means you can download from your PC at up to one song per second. Perfect for a quick pre-jog update.

    Creative Zen Sleek The gorgeously sleek... er, Sleek features a super-intuitive vertical Touch Pad that gives natural, one-handed fingertip management of all the player's functions. Add to this a large blue backlit display and you're looking at the perfect player for anyone who loves fiddling with their tunes under the covers.

    If you're reading this and thinking there must be some catch - like a crummy battery - then think again: the Sleek offers playtimes of up to 16 hours from its rechargeable battery. That means you could, in theory, listen to Bill Clinton's hefty audiobook (approx 6 hours), William Shatner's entire back-catalogue (approx 3 hours), a fistful of Pink Floyd concept albums (just under 7 hours) and still have enough juice to enjoy Hear'say's greatest hit (approx 3 minutes). If you want.

    Creative Zen Sleek The beautifully-engineered Zen Sleek even goes where no iThingy has gone before because it features a nifty built-in FM radio with 32 presets and a direct recording facility so you can store your favourite broadcasts. Alright? Not 'arf!

    There's even a built-in microphone that allows you to record personal memos (eg: "Delete that godawful Hear'say track asap") and a custom equaliser with 9 (count 'em, 9) acoustic environments. We're so excited we could rave on about this superb sounding machine for yonks. In fact, we already have. So we'll sign off by telling you that the Creative Zen Sleek is about to rock, roll and quite feasibly derail the almighty Apple cart. What do you think of that Zen!

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