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Creative TravelSound

    Creative TravelSound

    Hi-fi in your pocket

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      How many times have you wished you'd packed a set of speakers when you've been off visiting other parts of the globe? An MP3 player is all well and good for personal use, but when you're getting ready to go out, it'd be nice not to have to garner all your listening pleasure from the muffled tones of the local discotheque, situated a convenient five minutes walk from your 'tranquil' accommodation.

      Equally, if more of us took a set of speakers on holiday with us, there'd be less chance of those woeful summer holiday hits making their way back over the channel and ruining what would otherwise have been a very enjoyable August, thanks to the fact that weÂ’d be able to tell quality tunes from unmitigated pap.

      Until now, though, you've had to compromise. Either you bag a set of speakers that need their own passport, or you settle for a pair that makes everything sound like it's being played through a straw inserted into your ear. But compromise no more, as the TravelSounds are your ticket to hi-fi quality sound in an eminently pocketable package.

      Total output power equates to around four watts, which is actually surprisingly loud and the TravelSoundÂ’s titanium drivers deliver crisp treble and the sort of bass you'd expect from speakers twice the size. A handy carry case keeps them scratch free while you tote them around and you get a mammoth 25 hours of playback time from one set of 4 x AA alkaline batteries.

      In short, if youÂ’re on the move, thereÂ’s no better pair of speakers to plug into your MP3 player, MiniDisc, or laptop to produce the sort of quality sounds that have no earthly right to be emanating from two little titanium cones. A killer sound system that slips in your back pocket and the death knell for tracks like "Follow the Leader".

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