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Creative Travel Sound 400 Speakers
  • Creative Travel Sound 400 Speakers

Creative Travel Sound 400 Speakers

Complete and utter swivel

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    Portable speaker systems are all well and good, but most of the inexpensive ones make your MP3s sound like bluebottles buzzing around in tin cans. Not so the magnificently chic TravelSound 400 by Creative. Because unlike similarly priced systems, you can actually hear this one. Plus it's so compact you can whip it out whenever you feel the urge to share your love for Hall and Oates with the rest of the world - well okay, the rest of the office.

    Creative Travel Sound 400 Speakers

    The first thing you'll notice about the TravelSound 400 is its ingenious 180° swivel design that protects and projects in a turn. Simply swivel the speakers and you can either angle them for optimum projection or rotate them out of the way to protect them during travel. Clever, eh?

    Creative Travel Sound 400 Speakers Speaking of speakers the one-piece TravelSound 400 features twin NeoTitanium micro drivers that deliver 4 Watts RMS of penetrating sonics. Which, to non-audiopervs, means they sound fantastic. There is also an all-encompassing Wide Stereo feature to broaden the sound in an instant.

    Fans of Star Trek will be pleased to hear that a cool blue LED shows when the system is switched on - and that will probably be rather a lot when you consider 4xAAA batteries give playtimes of up to 35 hours!

    Creative Travel Sound 400 Speakers

    Rendering boom-boxes totally obsolete, this silvery oblong of sonic genius is ideal for holidays, parties and all manner of outdoor shindigs. Simply plug the included connector into your portable player's headphone socket and you're away. The TravelSound 400's sound quality is so impressive for its size, fellow listeners will be searching for the source of your lovely music in all the wrong places. Just tell 'em to go swivel!

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