Creative PlayDock Z500
  • Creative PlayDock Z500

Creative PlayDock Z500

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    Although earphones are hunky-dory you can't beat cranking your dial to 11 and filling the room with the sound of music. And we're not talking about Do Re Mi-ing round the house in comedy lederhosen; we're talking about slipping your Creative Zen inside the mightily impressive PlayDock Z500.

    Creative PlayDock Z500
    Designed to accommodate Creative's apple-bashing Zen Vision:M, this all-in-one audio system will add serious oomph to your digital library and, thanks to a whole heap of handy features, render your current portable hi-fi utterly obsolete.

    Beneath the PlayDock's sleek exterior lurks complete audio dynamite. A chest-thumping subwoofer and two high-performance drivers give a rich, punchy tone that many a top-end system would kill for. Bottom end is beefy, separation is succinct and treble is crystal-clear.

    Creative PlayDock Z500

    Throw in Wide Stereo Effect and adjustable bass control and you're looking at a speaker system that is creative in both name and nature. Whether it's Kasabian or Kanye, Jet or Julie Andrews (well you never know), unleashing your music from the confines of headphone playback has never been so rewarding.

    If you're the kind of person who wants the whole world (as well as the whole house) to know how much you love Cradle of Filth, fear not: thanks to optional battery power the compact Creative PlayDock Z500 can be taken anywhere.

    Creative PlayDock Z500

    Funky remote control

    Impressed? You should be because this chic unit can also accommodate non-Creative audio players (CD, iPod etc) via its handy AV output jack - ideal if Zen-less music fans come a visiting. You can even connect the PlayDock Z500 to your TV and view photos and videos on the big screen. What's more, this do-it-all device charges your Zen as it plays and comes with a funky remote control, so you can command both speaker and player without leaving the sofa. The PlayDock really is the ultimate Zen peripheral. Love music? Get Creative!

    T3 Test Winner!
    T3 Test Winner - May 2007
    "Refined delivery. Classy, curvy build. Looks best with a ZEN Vision:M, but sounds chunky with all portable players"

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