Creative MuVo2 1.5GB

    Creative MuVo2 1.5GB

    MuVo to the music

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      We've had our grubby mitts on every little pocket-sized, waif-like 32, 64 and 128MB MP3 players known to man and we've coveted just about every hard drive-based player on the planet. But it seems like it's everything or next to nothing when it comes to MP3 players. Where's the middle ground in the MP3 player market? Where's the family compact sized portable that offers a touch more than a piffling album's worth of storage but doesn't require you to own a pair of trousers that would make MC Hammer green with envy to tote it around?

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      After countless man hours of tireless searching, we can reveal that such a player does indeed exist and it's called the MuVo2. Offering a stern, two-fingered salute to other pocket MP3 players with a hefty 1.5GB of on-board storage, the MuVo2 fills the gap left in the market in between lighter-sized portables and chunkier hard drive efforts who's capacity runs into tens of gigabytes. Just so you know, 1.5GB is enough for around 850 songs ( 3.5 mins. per song WMA / 64kbps ), so there'll be none of the continuous swapping of tracks you're saddled with when using smaller players.

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      File transfer take a mercifully short time, since the MuVo2 makes use of a high speed USB 2.0 connection when downloading tracks. This won't make a lick of difference if your computer doesn't support the format, though, as it'll default to normal USB transfer speeds.

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      The Creative NOMAD MuVo2 1.5GB comes bundled with the newly released Creative MediaSource application. With Creative MediaSource, you can convert your CDs to MP3s or WMAs at the touch of a button. What's more, with Creative Media Source Organizer's wide array of management tools, you will be able to manage these music tracks easily


      If you're expecting a pipsqueak little 90g player like this to munch through its battery every couple of hours, you'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the MuVo2 can motor through tracks for up to 10 hours and, since it uses a Li-Ion rechargeable, rather than bin-worthy AAAs. You can just hook it up to the mains, instead of nipping out to your local corner shop and filling a basket full of Alkalines just to get your through the weekly commute to work.

      All in all, the MuVo2 is the perfect antidote to infuriatingly low capacity players and hulking great behemoths that'll store every album you'l ever own but also require a sports holdall to carry them around in.

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