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Creative Microdock
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Creative Microdock

For those about to dock, we salute you

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    If you're the proud owner of a Zen Micro you'll know that its sonic prowess is music to the ears. The trouble is, it's probably music to your ears only. That's why you need to get hold of the ingenious Creative MicroDock.

    This eye-poppingly attractive speaker system features an integrated dock specifically designed to accommodate the Zen Micro, but Zen-less mortals can join in the fun using the natty mini jack connector. Indeed, thanks to a nifty cable, you can listen to virtually any audio device via the versatile MicroDock.

    Creative Microdock Before we delve into the pros (there are no cons) of owning this gorgeous bit of kit, it's worth mentioning that the Creative MicroDock is one of the most ergonomically enticing travelling companions we've ever had the pleasure to play with. Indeed, you'll want to stroke, caress and gawp at this gleaming one-piece masterpiece before you've even heard it!

    Creative Microdock When you do get round to listening to your sound files out loud you'll be in sheer audio nirvana because the MicroDock features 4 precision NeoTitanium microdrivers (totalling 8 Watts RMS) that deliver incredibly detailed sonics. And despite its magnificently compact styling, the MicroDock packs a hefty punch in the volume department - so much so your neighbours will know exactly what you're twanging your air guitar to!

    Creative Microdock As with other Creative products the MicroDock goes that extra mile in terms of features, because as well as docking and charging facilities this music-pumping must-have features an FM antenna, wide stereo effect button, soft volume button, headphone socket and a sleek remote control so you can direct the audio action from up to 26 feet away - perfect for AC/DC-style duckwalking in lengthy hotel suites. It's even magnetically shielded to prevent interference, so if you fancy having a blast in a military installation you won't have to worry about any Spinal Tap-style interruptions.

    Throw in a seductive blue LED on/off button, USB connectivity, long battery life (up to 25 hours from a set of AA batteries) and an integrated cover that doubles up as a handy stand, and you're looking at a speaker system that will have many an iDock hanging its featureless fascia in shame. Creative? The MicroDock is flippin' genius!

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