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Creative  Jukebox Zen

    Creative Jukebox Zen

    All the music youÂ’ll ever need... or probably own.

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      Time was if you wanted to carry even a small selection of your music collection around with you, you'd do it in a Tesco bag full of C90s. CDs, despite making cassettes sound as cutting-edge as a kettle, didn't help matters much. You just needed a bigger bag.

      The relentless march of modern technology, however, brought us the MP3, which meant that you could swap music with your friends by storing several albums on one CD-R. Problem solved. Unless, of course, you happen to have a music collection that consists of several hundred albums, then you need something a little bit special for your musical storage needs.

      Big stack of MiniDiscs

      Step forward the Jukebox Zen, with its hulking 60GB hard drive and waif-like dimensions. The 60GB Zen Xtra has the capacity to stow away over 15000 tunes (depending on file size) in WMA format which, after a quick bit of maths, taking the average number of album tracks to be around 12, equates to over 1200 albums.

      Front View  of Jukebox Zen Xtra

      Those of us looking for something to accompany the morning jog will be impressed with the Zen's 16MB of SDRAM, providing a monumental seven minutes of skip-free buffering, while the Creative's epic storage capacity means that a 30-minute jog each day will see you free of musical repetition for over two years. You can even use the Zen to store data other than music files - it's essentially a portable hard drive. Factor in ultimate pocketability, a feather-light 268g weigh-in, and a battery that'll see off a marauding pack of Duracell bunnies and still have enough juice for the bus ride home, and you've got the best portable player money can buy.

      Side Views of Jukebox Zen Xtra

      As if you needed any more proof that your life has been an empty, unfulfilled shell without the Jukebox Zen, you'll be interested to hear that it holds its own equally well when hooked up to your car stereo or home hi-fi. Think about it: how many times have you been picking up the pieces of a party and come across myriad smashed CD cases and discs that look for all the world like they've been used as coasters by a Viking landing party? Get yourself a Zen and you can pack your CDs off to the relative safety of the loft, we doubt you'll be needing them again.

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