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Creative I-trigue 3300 Speakers

    Creative I-trigue 3300 Speakers

    Boom, boom, and shake the room in a seriously stylish fashion

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      Once upon a time, the only sounds emitted by computers were beeps, squeaks and the occasional pathetic R2D2-esque whimper. But then, as technology progressed, along came what we now lovingly refer to as multimedia, and before long PCs were pumping out every sound known to humanity and a few more in-between.

      Sadly, despite the galaxy of noise that most of today's PCs are capable of producing, the majority of speakers supplied with your average machine sound about as impressive as a wasp singing into a toy megaphone. And they look pretty clumsy too – a crying shame when you've spent a mint on a minimalist monitor and keyboard.

      Creative I-Trigue: Drivers

      Thankfully, our good friends at Creative Labs have come up with a solution to all your desktop audio dilemmas via the revolutionary I-Trigue 2.1 3300 Speaker System. This uniquely chic subwoofer speaker system combines exceptionally powerful performance with a svelte industrial design.

      Creative I-Trigue: Subwoofer

      Perfect for use with PC, Mac, CD and countless other audio players, I-Trigues deliver stunning performance thanks to twin 9w RMS alloy speakers and a 25w wooden subwoofer. Each satellite speaker houses three high-precision titanium drivers that ensure improved clarity and penetration, plus incredibly accurate delivery. The subwoofer features a 6.5” long-throw driver and dual flared port tube for chest-thumpingly potent bass sonics that quite literally shake the room. In other words, these babies sound abso-blimmin-lutely awesome!

      Creative I-Trigue: Drivers

      Indeed, during our own exhaustive testing procedure, we found a spontaneous rave growing around the testing desk, as the subsonic bass rumbled through Firebox House, luring Fireboxers away from their tea breaks, table football games and in some cases work to get down to the funky beat. Then we dispersed them by playing "Now That's What I Call Black Metal 38".

      Creative I-Trigue: Remote

      The I-Trigue system even comes with a sleek matching remote featuring power, volume and bass controls, plus a handy headphone jack. We really can't think of a better way to give your PC/audio player a touch of power and glory. So go on, treat yourself to a set of I-Trigues – they really are a sound investment.

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