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Creation Station
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Creation Station


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    If you've ever fancied yourself as the next Spielberg, Lucas or Winner (c'mon, Death Wish wasn't that bad), Creation Station is here to help. This amazing all-inclusive kit allows you to film, edit, star in, upload and share special FX laden videos with the world. And it's easier than shouting 'Action!'.

    Creation Station

    Film with green screen technology!

    Edit objects and backgrounds

    Upload your video to YouTube

    Creation Station

    Comprising a full-resolution video camera with built-in mic and tripod, a green screen, plus idiot-proof manipulation software and a bonus CD with hundreds of backgrounds, videos, objects, pictures and sounds, Creation Station makes movie-making a doddle. James Cameron should be quaking in his wellies!

    The idea is to film yourself or your actors in front of Creation Station's green screen, then 'knock out' the background and replace it with any image or video you fancy - from the CD, your own files or the internet.

    Creation Station

    You could be breakdancing on the moon, surfing in Baywatch, wrestling a shark, hanging from a helicopter whilst humming the A-Team theme or playing the ukulele in outer space. You can then add sound effects or music from the included CD or your own collection. You can even make karaoke videos or play in your own video games. The possibilities are endless.

    Creation Station

    Built-in microphone

    Sharing your movies is simple - Creation Station features one-click upload to YouTube and other video sharing websites. But do try and retain some dignity; after all, the whole world will be watching. If you want to share your movies with a more select audience you can burn yourself a DVD.

    Ideal for budding directors or anyone who's ever wondered what they'd look like driving a cartoon combine harvester through an episode of Strictly Come Dancing accompanied by Motorhead and a few flying fish, Creation Station is the best thing to happen to movie making since Ed Wood hung up his megaphone. Indeed we guarantee you'll be making movies every waking hour. Cut!

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