Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Create Your Own Monster

Tearable Beasts

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  • Twelve monstrous templates, illustrated by trend-setting artists
  • Easily fit together these ferocious free-standing fiends
  • Includes three blank DIY creatures for you to customize
  • Send your creations to friends in the specially designed envelopes
  • Monsters may come to life at night, keep them in a locked draw
One fine day in a tranquil land made of cardboard, an eccentric and demented scientist was plotting. He'd decided that life was just too tedious and one-dimensional for him, so he built himself a monster-making machine.

This grand device churned out a stack of 2D templates, slots were cut and within no time these ferocious flat-packed freaks began to fit themselves together. The scientist then gathered the finest artists in the realm to decorate these free-standing fiends, leaving a few of them blank so that the local villagers could make them their own.

Naturally he wanted to share his colourful creations and enrich the whole kingdom so he constructed a series of large envelopes which allowed him to post them to the farthest reaching corners of the land. What a lovely chap.

The End.

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