Create Your Own Canvas
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Create Your Own Canvas

From photo to fine art

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    Create Your Own Canvas

    Start with a blank canvas...

    We usually steer clear of the art world. Too many pretentious, emperor's-new-clothes-style charlatans for our liking. But now, thanks to the ingenious Create Your Own Canvas, we're slipping on our smocks and adjusting our berets in excitement. Why? Because this idiot-proof kit allows you to transform any digital photo into a pro-looking textured canvas print for under a tenner. Wow!

    Preparing the image...

    Create Your Own Canvas

    Scan in or use a digital picture, use the downloaded software to position your image, then print onto inkjet canvas paper...

    All you do is print your favourite image on to the self-adhesive Smartfilm paper using your inkjet printer. Next, stick it to the 8x10 canvas (which has already been stretched and stapled around a wooden frame) and smooth down the image, Olympic curling-styley, with the special brush to reveal the texture. Voila! You've got a pro-quality canvas print for under a tenner. It's incredibly satisfying and any dunderhead can do it.

    Applying to the canvas...

    Create Your Own Canvas

    Trim your print-out

    Peel off strip

    Attach edge and flip paper over

    Slide across the Smart Film Applicator

    The most unique feature of this easy-peasy process is that your finished masterpiece looks like it's been printed, not stuck, directly on the canvas; an effect that usually costs a small fortune to achieve. No one will ever suspect it's a DIY job. And when admirers gaze at your canvas you can stroke your arty-farty goatee with pride. Assuming you're a man.

    Create Your Own Canvas

    Finish it with the texture
    up brush

    Using the canvas kit you can create a stunningly original gift for a loved one: a portrait of the kids, a wedding shot, a holiday sunset or even an artistic canvas depicting a best mate's tragic hairdon't. The possibilities are endless. And thanks to the included software you can resize and edit your chosen image and add cool effects such as sepia, black and white, paint by shades and sketch. Pricey studios? Who needs 'em?

    Create Your Own Canvas

    ...and voila, magic!

    Of course you could always try painting the scenes in question on a real canvas with real paints, but the resultant mess is unlikely to fool anyone, except perhaps a bozo collector who buys avant-garde tat a toddler could knock up. So what are you waiting for? Hit the canvas!

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