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    view from the rear

    Great for city riding

    If you’re a pedal-pounding hipster you’ll already know that fixed wheel bikes are where it’s at. With no freewheeling allowed or faffing with gears, the unadulterated simplicity of a fixed wheel bike is hard to overstate. And the current crop of machines spearheading this fashionable revolution are undoubtedly Create Bikes.

    Beautifully engineered by London-based Create, these outlandishly garish bikes are guaranteed to get you noticed. And with prices that don’t yank your chain you don’t have to be some Hoxton-based creative director to afford one. Best of all Create Bikes feature a flip-flop rear hub so you can switch back to freewheel riding if fixed gear isn't your thing.

    3 colours available:

    Black & Gold


    Silver & Red


    Brown & White

    Unlike some fixed wheel machines, Create Bikes are not stripped back to injury-inducing levels of silliness – they still feature front and rear caliper brakes making them safely ride-able in hectic cities. Now all you need to do is choose your fave colour combo and get yourself a pair of Harry from One Direction trousers.


    Colour coded chain

    frame qr code

    Anodised seat post clamp

    saddle and seat post

    Comfy racing saddle

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