Crazy Stuff Kids Cycle Helmets
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Crazy Stuff Kids Cycle Helmets

Ride like an eagle

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    There’s nothing tougher than looking like you’ve been nibbled by a shark. Especially if you’re popping a life-affirming wheelie at the same time. Which is why we’re so very disappointed that Crazy Stuff Kids Cycle Helmets are only available in children’s sizes.

    Close up of artwork close up of air vent chinstrap feature

    Brilliantly detailed

    Air vents

    Chin-strap add-on!

    Adjustable cradle

    Adjustable cradle

    Indeed, with one of these colourful 3D effect helmets on their noodle, your young ones will feel unstoppable. Suitable for 3-8 year olds, they’re a fun way to introduce safety gear when they’re riding bikes and playing out. In fact, the hard part will be getting them to take it off again.

    Forget the usual bowl-shaped helmets – choose from a Tiger, Shark, Black Dragon, Eagle or Red Cat. Each one is brilliantly detailed in 3D, with bright colours and a high quality finish. But most importantly, they comply with even the most finicky of safety laws.

    Designs available

    Designs available (From L-R): Red Cat, Black Dragon, Eagle, Tiger and Shark

    Great for cycling, scooting or skating (and a great bit of dress-up for all other times) Crazy Stuff Kids Cycle Helmets are guaranteed to turn heads. Raaaar!

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