Crazy Cricket Set
  • Crazy Cricket Set

Crazy Cricket Set

Hit ‘em for six!

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    Go down the park and play a quick game before rain stops play!

    Even if you don’t know a googly from a gazunder, playing cricket can be great fun. But why fork out a small fortune on bulky bats, deadly balls and clumsy stumps when you can crack out Crazy Cricket virtually anywhere you fancy.

    Unlike the comedy sets you see hanging next to buckets and spades at the seaside, this superior set allows you to play a proper game of cricket without the attendant faff. Better still, over-enthusiastic kids and competitive dads are unlikely to end up in A&E because the high quality bats are made from moulded plastic and the balls are of the soft variety, which means you won’t need the inevitable bag of frozen peas for your eye, let alone gloves and pads.

    spin bowl technique

    Rubber balls don't hurt as much when they hit you

    Ideal for the park, beach, back garden or even the hallway, Crazy Cricket comes complete with two cricket bats (one size 5, one size 3) and two balls (one regular, one ‘youth’ size) so big dads can compete against little Trescothicks without losing their dignity. You’ll be chucking leg-cutters, inswingers and a whole lot more before you can yell ‘Monty Panesar’.

    ‘But what about the stumps?’ we hear you ask as you head off to iron your whites. Well, Crazy Cricket comes with two sets of plastic stumps with bails. And because they fit into their own little stand you won’t waste time forcing them into rock hard turf. The whole shebang even comes with its own nylon carry bag for easy transportation.

    two sizes of moulded plastic bats

    Also comes with two high quality bats (youth and regular) so people of all ages can play easily

    Fair play, you won’t hear the thwack-tastic sound of willow-on-leather or smell the evocative aroma of linseed oil, but at least you can smear comedy sunblock on your hooter as you make a complete Freddie Flintoff of yourself down the park – and we’re not talking about nicking a pedalo from the boathouse, we’re talking about scoring a century in front of a load of bewildered seven-year-olds. ‘Owzat!

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