Crayon mugs
  • Crayon mugs

Crayon mugs

Colour in your tea break!

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    Crayon mugs

    So many choices!

    Remember your first childish daubs? The freedom of splurging mental colours across thick coloured paper in the hope of creating a photo-realistic dinosaur? Of course you do. And you probably remember ending up with a scruffy old mess that resembled Terry Waite’s allotment, not an old master.

    But it’s the golden memories that are worth tickling in us jaded old types, and that’s just what you’re getting with this gem of a porcelain mug. Emblazoned in the rich colours that your classic crayons used to leave all over the furniture, they’re just as jolly and cute as the wee waxy sticks of yesteryear. And just like those old-time crayons, you’re going to love lifting them up to your mouth for a bit of tasty refreshment.

    Crayon mugs

    Send your tea time drawings to SMart!

    Waxy teeth aside for a moment, these tea-break tankards are just the thing to treat yourself with. More grown up than a beaker and with no teat necessary, they’re big enough to drink an adult cuppa in without having to grow up entirely.

    Dishwasher and microwave safe, the crayon mugs come in four glorious colours that have a few facts tagged to them.

    Blue is all about contentment. It’s peaceful. It’s quiet. It’s like when you skidded to a halt after driving a trike across a snail. Red is hot. It’s passion. Like when you first noticed your brother had nicked all the best guns for your Action Man. Parma Violet is sweet – a delicious little nugget of tuck-shop coloration. It drives your mind back to the counter of your local newsagents, when you were short enough to see up the nostrils of the shopkeeper. Custard Yellow? Do we need to spell it out? Slop it all over. Just don’t spill your tea while you’re at it.

    Crayon mugs

    Parma Violet

    Custard Yellow

    Sky Blue

    Pillar Box Red

    Whichever one was your favourite colour crayon as a nipper, you’re bound to love reaching for one of these mugs to satisfy your nostalgia, so get buying and you can be sipping warm milk out of one with a paper straw in no time!

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