Crayola Outdoor Rainbow Rake
  • Crayola Outdoor Rainbow Rake

Crayola Outdoor Rainbow Rake

Make it a double

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    Splaying out the chalks

    Pull to spread the chalks

    Turn that drab pavement or driveway into a technicolour dream lattice with the Crayola Outdoor Rainbow Rake. This nifty bit of kit lets you lay down up to five lines of colour at once. And since they’re made from chalk they’ll easily wash off in the rain.

    Just hold the handle of the Rainbow Rake and it’ll apply even pressure to each of the oversized chalks. Quick-release grips let you swap out the chalks easily, so you can play around with different colour combinations.

    Drawing outside

    Start your rainbow!

    As well as making enormous, multi-hued murals in your neighbourhood it’s also perfect for marking out individual racing lanes for RC cars (or tiny unicorns). Grab a Rainbow Rake today and carve a little colour in your street!

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