Crayola Outdoor 3D Sidewalk Chalk
  • Crayola Outdoor 3D Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Outdoor 3D Sidewalk Chalk

Crazy paving

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    Drawing on pavement outside

    Glasses and chalks

    Unless you’re out and about with Mary Poppins, the chances of disappearing into a chalk painting are pretty slim. Unless of course, you’ve got Crayola Outdoor 3D Sidewalk Chalk.

    This amazing bit of kit lets you turn any simple chalk drawing into a woozy 3D scene. How does it work? Well, the supplied glasses make any red colours appear closer to you, while blue colours seem further away. So sketch out a Union Flag and before you can say “Rule Brittania” you’ll see the red strips hovering curiously over the blue triangles.

    Sure, you’re unlikely to get swept up in a sing-song with farmyard animals, or win the derby on a carousel horse, but it’ll certainly make your friends go “ooooh”, “aaaaaah”, and “who’s Mary Poppins?”. This simple set will turn any street or driveway into the craziest paving you’ve ever seen.

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