Crayola ColourStudio for iPad
  • Crayola ColourStudio for iPad

Crayola ColourStudio for iPad

Cutting-edge colouring for kids

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    Boy colouring in with the Crayola Colour Studio

    Don't worry about the mess anymore!

    What do you get when you cross an iPad with a colouring-in book? As fully grown-up gadgeteers it’s not something we’ve ever considered. But the boffins over at Crayola have because their Crayola ColourStudio for iPad manages to meld the two to perfection, allowing kids (and adults who should know better) to colour away to their hearts’ content, digital-styley.

    This multi-activity HD drawing app works in conjunction with the amazing iMarker, a custom-built intelligent digital stylus that looks and feels just like a regular Crayola marker. Simply swish it across your iPad and it replicates the strokes of a pen, pencil, crayon or paintbrush.


    The iMarker

    Example screenshot

    Share your finished picture

    But there’s more to this amazing new product than mere colouring in. You can design unlimited colouring pages using a huge, ever-expanding library of HD backgrounds, and add special effects, music, sound effects and much more. You can even upload and share your artwork. Pens, paper and scanners? Pah!

    Girl colouring in with the Crayola Colour Studio

    An ideal way to entertain kids on long journeys, the Crayola ColourStudio also lets you design and print off colouring pages so kids can colour them in the old fashioned way when you want your iPad back. ‘Yay, I’ve just given Cinderella a green beard!’

    Not that they’ll be colouring in the traditional way too often because once you experience the benefits of ink-free, mess-free colouring you’ll gladly hand over your beloved tablet in exchange for a bit of peace and quiet so you can tap, swish and surf on your… er hang on a sec.

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