The game for your whole brain

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      There's no such thing as a perfect game, and conversely, there's no such thing as the perfect player. You're good at quizzes but can't draw for toffee. Give Us A Clue trained you in the dark art of charade; Name That Tune enabled you to sing the first two lines of any song, yet Catchphrase goes over your head. But when it comes to Scrabble, you are it. Or id, or io (both valid, two-letter-word fans).

      This kind of discrepancy in ability inspired Cranium, a kind of board game decathlon which tests your ability to think, hum, draw, compute, build, work out, recall and perform. Plus some other stuff. Invented by two former Microsoft execs, Cranium is a whole of many parts that cover all the classic board game styles. It's probably the reason why the game is so enjoyable - you never know what kind of question, task or teaser you're going to get. And it certainly stops the Trivial Pursuit know-alls or Pictionary whizzes from dominating the proceedings.

      With its excellent original touches, such as the random task cards that force every team into competing and the Cranium Clay (for sculpting challenges - very amusing), and a simple premise that gets everyone involved within a few turns, it's hardly a shock to learn that Cranium sold 500,000 copies in just over a year after its debut. That's more than Trivial Pursuit managed, and look what happened with that...

      Cranium Booster Box
      If you've truly caught the Cranium bug you'll end up playing so many times that you may find yourself drawing cards that you've seen before. The Answer? Get the Cranium UK Booster Box! ...You'll get 800 all-new cards that are more outrageous, more challenging, more hilarious than ever.

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