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    There are plenty of things you can pull out of your pocket for entertainment value, but we've never seen anything quite as ingenious as Cranium Cadoo Keychains. Indeed, when we first heard about this pocket-sized marvel we thought somebody must've zapped it with a Honey I Shrunk the Kids-style laser beam. How else could such multi-faceted plaything be so effectively miniaturised?

    Cranium Keychains

    Closer inspection of thisbeautifully put-together game reveals that simple ingenuity (and someone with incredibly small hands) is responsible for this successful miniaturisation job - and what a job it is! Because Cadoo is an award-winning 'guess what I'm thinking?' party game crammed with something-for-everyone fun. You never know what kind of question, task or teaser you're going to get.

    Can you sculpt a taco? Act out a hula dance? Find something white and round? Work out which is stronger for its size: an ant, human or chimp? It really is as daft as it sounds!

    Of course the incredible portability means you can now play this brilliant game whenever and wherever you please. It's a fantastic hour-cruncher on long journeys and great at dinner parties because you don't have to turn up carrying big boxes in a geeky, 'ooh, let's all play the games I've brought along' fashion. Simply pull out your keychain in a casual, 'seen this?' kinda way and let the fun commence.

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