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Cranium Conga
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Cranium Conga

Do, do, do, c'mon let's rack our craniums.

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    Along with the Sinclair C5 and the helicopter ejector seat, the conga has got to be one of the most idiotic things ever invented. Stumbling around in a line singing 'tra-la, la, la, la, la... hey!' only succeeds in making participants look spectacularly silly. Thankfully, the only thing Cranium Conga has borrowed from this daft dance routine is its name.

    Cranium Conga Cranium Conga is a rowdy, fast-paced party game based on (you've guessed it) Cranium, and it's even more entertaining than the multi award-winning original. By taking the best 'guess what I'm thinking?' bits from Cranium and adding a musical timer, the makers have managed to inject an element of panic that will have you in total hysterics - especially if you've just returned from an evening in your local drinking emporium.

    Cranium Conga Basically, players draw cards from the 300-strong deck to see which activity they must do - be it hum, whistle, sing, sketch, sculpt, act, mind-read or whatever. They then have to write down an answer for the other players to guess on the Conga timer's reusable secret pad. Still with us?

    As you make a prize plum of yourself trying to communicate what you've written down, the timer is passed along to the next player who must guess your answer before the timer goes off. When players make a guess they have to hit the green button on the timer to stop the countdown. If they're right, they collect scoring tiles. If they're wrong they must pass the timer to the next guesser. First to fill their Conga case with tiles wins. It's a bit like a high-octane version of pass-the-parcel meets Give us a Clue, only without Lionel Blair (ask your mum).

    Cranium Conga

    The timer is totally random, so it might stop after ten seconds or it could go on for ages. This means players must guess as quickly as possible. Cranium Conga is a total hoot at parties, and it really is a game where taking part is as satisfying as winning. (Well, sort of). Next time you're looking to flex your noggin and have a giggle, don't use your head - use your cranium. Tra-la, la, la, la, la... hey!

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