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Crackertune Crackers

Cue the break-up music

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    Pulling the crackers

    Christmas jingle instead of the bang!

    We’ve all pulled Christmas crackers, we know how they work – a quick tug between two people, a rip of cardboard and a ‘snap’ like two gnats high-fiving. This is the way it has always been. Well not anymore!

    Rob with his prize

    Rob was well happy with his pen

    Ditching the traditional (and frankly rubbish) snapping mechanism, Crackertune Crackers instead play a Christmas jingle. Once the cracker has been torn asunder, this jolly tune will play for up to 30 seconds – giving the winner ample time to sing along or perform a victory dance.

    Crackertune Crackers are great for young ones who don’t like loud noises, or anyone who just fancies a change from the norm. So that’s everyone then. Cue the music!

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