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Cowpoke Cushion by Vice Merchants

I wish I knew how to quit (relaxing on) you.

Product not available at the moment.
  • Beautifully plump, high quality throw pillow
  • Comes in 1 of 8 possible snapshots of a bigger scene. All of them ripe with wonderful imagery
  • The greatest cushion you have ever seen
  • Potentially good for recovering from a broke back
You need the 'Cowpoke' cushion in your life. It's that simple. It's amazing.

This high quality 18" Egyptian cotton throw pillow not only comforts your body but also soothes your mind with it's timeless scenes of buoyant young men enjoying a warm day out on the prairie.

It’s a wholesome rich tapestry of frontier farming fun far from feminine company.

It features an array of proudly nude cowboys and naturist farm boys enjoying a wide array of horseplay and high jinks. Scenarios including: bareback horse riding, lunging over fencing, booze soaked in a tinbath, skinny dipping, dive bombing, roping each other, daydreaming in the hay, feeding poultry, posing coyly in front of tractors, wearing arseless chaps - genitalia feeling the breeze - as another lad on all fours tests out a horse saddle, and finally a crouched fella spraying udder milk at another chap in his undercrackers.

Classic stuff. We promise you haven't seen something as cool as this in your lives. Guaranteed conversation starter for your humble abode.

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