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Countdown Clock
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Countdown Clock

It's been one week since you looked at me

Product not available at the moment.
Please Note:
Due to one of the event options we recommend this product is for adults only.


    animation showing functions

    Set dates for important events
    and program custom messages

    Make clock-watching an exact science with the Countdown Clock. This remarkably precise timepiece lets you count down the days, minutes and seconds to important events such as birthdays, weddings, or lunch. It’ll count upwards too – letting you know exactly how old you are, tracking your get-fit plan, or helping you to accurately mope over your last relationship.

    Load your important dates into the Countdown Clock and use the buttons around the backlit LCD display to flick to them quickly. From home time to your last bout of bedroom gymnastics, this nifty little device will track them all. You can even program custom messages and reminders to scroll across the screen. It’s the most high tech way of watching time fly we’ve ever seen!

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