Cosmic Creatures Puzzle
  • Cosmic Creatures Puzzle

Cosmic Creatures Puzzle

Shift those shapes!

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    Cosmic Creatures

    Take the puzzle wherever you may roam

    Forget about spatial awareness and cognitive reasoning. When it comes to portable puzzles you crazy kids just want to have fun and give the ol’ grey matter a workout, right? Enter, with a nibble of the fist and a slap to the forehead, Cosmic Creatures.

    Created by the brainboxes behind the award-winning puzzle Lonpos 101, this self-contained, pocket-sized plaything contains 107 challenges designed to mangle different areas of your ever-shrinking noodle. Yikes!

    Cosmic Creatures Cosmic Creatures Cosmic Creatures

    Can you fit all the Creatures together?

    Fill the puzzle board piece by piece

    Will you solve all 107 puzzles?

    The idea is to arrange the colourful shapes to match various patterns shown in the accompanying puzzle book. Sounds easy (and it is to start with) but with 8 increasingly infuriating levels of difficulty you’re liable to lose sleep, friends, your job and your house as you while away endless hours shifting shapes. But who cares about that when you’ve successfully solved a level 8 challenge at 3am? Certainly not the applauding tramps living in your skip. Hooray!

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