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    Ultimate wine drinkers accessory.

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      'Ooh, I could crush a grape,' opined TV unfunnyman Stu Francis many moons ago. We're not sure if he was considering an alternate career as a viticulturist (wine bore to you and us), but if he was, you can bet your Crackerjack pencil he'd have loved the incredible Corkpopper.

      This ingenious device is the ideal gift for impatient wine lovers everywhere, as it can gracefully remove the cork from a bottle in less than 3 seconds flat! Sleek and stylish, the Corkpopper is the opener of choice for top sommeliers around the globe, and its miraculous cork popping abilities are fast becoming legendary.

      But how in the name of Bacchus does it work, we hear you cry. Well, a clever pressurised gas cartridge inside Corkpopper forces inert gas into the bottle via a needle that pierces the cork. Pressure then builds inside the bottle causing the cork to safely eject. The whole hassle-free operation is over before you can say 'Liebfraumilch' and the cork even exits with a satisfying celebratory pop. The cartridge is good for approximately 80-100 bottles, so unless you're planning a party of P Diddy-style proportions you shouldn't require a replacement for some time. Corkpopper even has a built-in foil cutter making it a genuine one-stop pop gizmo.

      Inspired idea as it is, the gas powered bottle opener is nothing new - we spotted light-footed assassins Mr Kidd & Mr Wint using a rather primitive looking one in Diamonds are Forever just the other day. And that was made in 1971! Unfortunately, despite successfully opening the bottle, Mr Kidd ended up flambéed, whilst his other half was a victim of his own Bomb Surprise!

      All of which has little to do with Corkpopper, but it does serve to illustrate how some of the greatest ideas simply need perfecting. And that's exactly what the makers of Corkpopper have done, because this really is the most effortless way of opening a bottle of plonk we've ever seen. Cheers!

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