Summer Sale 2018
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Stick it to the vin

Product not available at the moment.
  • Helps to maintain optimal drinking temperature for both whites and reds
  • Stylish ‘stalactite’ design
  • Thermal gel means it stays frozen much longer


There’s nothing like a nice drop of vino on a summer’s day. But in hot climates (and the UK’s oh-so-brief summertime) the challenge is how to keep your wine chilled.

Forget drippy ice-buckets, the original Corkcicle slots right into the top of your bottle; chilling your wine from within and keeping out any airborne adventurers.

Made from a thermal gel that’s completely sealed inside the elegant icicle shape, this clever gadget will retain its temperature far longer than ice and (more importantly) won’t dilute your drink. Better still, because it’s self-contained it can be used again and again!

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