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Diamonds aren't forever

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    It's not easy adding a sophisticated dash of glamour to your soirees without spending Sir Elton-ish amounts of wonga. Yes, you can lavish guests with classy canapés, but unless you possess Ramsay-esque levels of culinary creativity most of your mates will tumble that your skewered pork roulades are actually skinned cocktail sausages before you can say 'anyone for cham…I mean sparkling wine?'

    Cool Jewels That's why clued-up sophisticates are turning to Cool Jewels to add a bit of sparkle to their do's. Because instead of boring cubes, this ingenious flexible ice tray contains several diamond-shaped indentations. Simply fill it with water, fruit squash or whatever and freeze.

    Before you know it you'll be cooling down your drinks with hefty sparklers that look exactly like authentic, Pink Panther-sized rocks. The difference is these diamonds are not forever because they're made from frozen water and worth about ten gazillion pounds less than the real thing.

    Cool Jewels Even if you don't fancy putting them in your drinks, Cool Jewels are highly entertaining in any party scenario. Hold one by your ear and you can pretend you're David Beckham. Hold one by both ears and you can pretend you're J-Lo. Or Pat Butcher. The choice is yours. You can also impress members of the opposite sex by making out you're a debonair cat burglar knocking off mansions in Monaco and hiding your gleaming haul in the fridge of your innocuous semi. If you want.

    Cool Jewels Cool Jewels are great for special occasions; they were the talk of the evening at the last Firebox bash, even after they'd melted. We guarantee you'll feel like a superstar the second you plop 'em in your G&T. It makes sense to order a few Cool Jewel ice trays because it's best to have a fridgeful of frozen gemstones when throwing a shindig. But we would say that, so you'll have to ask yourself one simple question: what would Sir Elton do? Exactly!

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