Cool Down Doggie Lead
  • Cool Down Doggie Lead

Cool Down Doggie Lead

Great on hot dogs

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    When you’re out on a long walk with your dog it can sometimes be a while before you find a water source where they can have a drink. Likewise, in the hot Summer months dogs can easily overheat if they’re out in the sun for too long. But since you’re taking a dog lead, why not take a Cool Down Doggie Lead instead?

    300ml water bottle Pump Spray nozzle

    Fill and attach the 300ml water bottle

    Pump the water ready to spray

    Adjustable nozzle attached to the lead

    This 5ft braided lead is attached to a rugged 300ml water bottle. Not only can you use this yourself to stay hydrated on the move, you can also pour it out for your parched pooch. What’s more, the water bottle can also be used to silently pump a fine mist over your dog’s coat – keeping them cool in the hot weather. It also feels pretty good on hot faces too.

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