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Cooking for Two - Your Cat and You

Cat got your tongue?

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  • Delicious Recipes for you and your favourite feline friend
  • Tailored to the palate of humans & the dietary limitations of cats
  • Includes handy list of 'no-no' ingredients
  • 160 pages of delicious feline-friendly recipes
  • Treat your kitty to a meal that doesn't look like old brains
'Felix' uses the marketing slogan "As good as it looks" – well lets be honest, it looks like a bunch of mashed up brains resting in a pool of gelatinous muck. Do you ever wonder whether your feline friend would prefer to eat something a little more wholesome than regular cat "food"? Even just as an occasional special treat?

Cooking for Two - Your Cat and You is a simple, unpretentious recipe book that enables your cat to enjoy the same quality meals that you do. No longer do they have to look longingly up at the dinner table because they'll be chowing down on a hearty vegetable stir-fry or a breakfast frittata.

This book is packed full of easy-to-cook meals tailored to the distinguished palate of humans and the dietary limitations of cats – salmon and steamed broccoli, sweet potato omelette, roast pork shoulder, apple cobbler – the list goes on. Embrace the cross-species cookery revolution and start improving your cats diet today.

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