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Cooking For Dogs

Make a right dog's dinner of your cooking

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  • Detailed recipes for more than 20 new healthy natural snacks and meals for your pooch
  • Become the alpha male/meal in your household and anthropomorphize the act of feeding man/woman’s best friend.
  • Cook nice, wholesome meals for your doggy, then watch them devour it like zombies eating brain
  • Aw, look they think they’re people!
Dogs are better than people, there’s little argument about that. So they should at least eat as well as us. Cooking for Dogs is the recipe book to help you redress the current horrible imbalance.

The greatest domestic animal on earth deserves better than stinky gristle in cans. If human food contains horse meat then who knows what they put in your doggy's din dins. You owe it to them to take canine cookery to a new gourmet level!

Cook up a storm with everything from muffins for your mutt to biscuits for your barking compadre. With recipes like 'Beef Feast', 'Fish Ahoy', 'Nut Treat' and the intriguingly named 'Look Paula’ they'll be licking your face in gratitude rather than anywhere else on their body to get the taste of normal dog food out of their mouths.

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