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Cookie Mix Jars

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    Cookie close-up

    Make a batch of delicious cookies

    What is it about baking that scares people so much? Is it the precise measuring? The weird bicarbonatey ingredients? Or is it the baffling alchemy of turning flour and eggs into delicious chewy treats? Well whatever dark imaginings have kept you and your friends from the kitchen, we’ve found a way to cut through the kerfuffle and make home baking a breeze.

    Cookie Mix Jars make whipping up a batch of biccies as easy as pie. Easier, actually. Pies can be tricky. These gorgeous sealed glass jars are packed with everything you need to bake 18-20 cookies. And we’re not talking cardboardy digestives either. With an array of flavours from Triple Belgian Choc Chip to White Chocolate & Cranberry they’ll take your baking straight into the big league.


    Just add butter

    All you need are eggs, butter and a little can-do attitude. Follow the instructions on the label and mix together all the ingredients; spoon them onto a baking tray; and pop ‘em in the oven. In twelve minutes (or thereabouts) you’ll have a batch of home-baked biccies to rival any shopping centre cookie shack.

    Brilliant as a gift (or an emergency kit when friends call round), Cookie Mix Jars take the ache out of baking. Go on, give ‘em a try.
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