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Connector Pen
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Connector Pen

Stylus + Ballpoint + Charging Cable

Product not available at the moment.
  • The world's first pen with an integrated charging cable
  • Stylus, ballpoint pen and smartphone charger – all in one
  • No more pesky wires getting tangled up in your bag
  • Never have to ask to borrow a charging cable (or pen) ever again


Pens and charging cables. The two most borrowed items in the entire world, finally united in one ground-breaking device – The Connector Pen.

On the surface it's a sleek, black brushed-aluminium stylus, but with just a few gestures you can unlock the full power of this mighty pen.
  • Give the tip a quick swivel and a ballpoint pen starts to emerge.
  • Twist off the other end and you'll find an extendible charging cable with tips for both lightning and microUSB – it's got your back whether you're Apple or Android.
  • Pop the cap to reveal the familiar USB connector and you're ready to start charging.
It's truly the only pen you'll ever need. Just make sure you don't let your friends and colleagues get wind of its full potential.

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