Concerto Musical Crackers
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Concerto Musical Crackers

Strike up the family band

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    holding a whistle

    Each cracker contains
    a numbered whistle

    Sitting the whole family down for Christmas dinner together is usually the cue for squabbles, food flinging and general discord. But now there’s a way to bring a little order to proceedings and get the whole family working in harmony. Well... possibly.

    Concerto Musical Crackers are great fun for any group around a dinner table. Every cracker contains a whistle and a numbered badge to wear. And each of the 8 whistles plays a slightly different note. The table must decide who is to be the official Conductor and that person is given the baton and music sheet (included). Coat tails are optional.

    whistles and sheet music

    Play a festivel tune round
    the dinner table

    It is then up to the conductor to create beautiful music, pointing to each whistler as their number appears on the music sheet. What should ensue is a delightful rendition of a classic and well known Christmas tune. What usually ensues is a complete mess, random toots from everyone involved and much giggling.

    To make matters even trickier, all 8 whistles are involved. So if there are less than 8 people around the table, some may need to operate more than one whistle – which can be challenging after a couple of sherries. As you can imagine, the result isn’t quite philharmonic standard, but it is remarkably good fun and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Next stop, Wembley!

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