Commodore C64 Plug 'n' Play
  • Commodore C64 Plug 'n' Play

Commodore C64 Plug 'n' Play

Commodore, with these 30 games you are spoiling us!

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    As far as 80s icons go, the Commodore C64 is right up there with Simon Le Bon, Pogo Patterson and luminous fingerless gloves. Indeed, the computers of today may well be technological powerhouses, but they don't command anywhere near the fanatical following the revolutionary C64 once enjoyed. According to the 2001 Guinness Book of Records, it was the 'most prolific computing device ever manufactured', and a staggering 30 million units were shifted during its 11 year production run.

    Although the C64 introduced millions to the wonders of word processing (zzzz!) and spreadsheet accounting (yawn!), it was as a gaming platform that this landmark block of circuitry truly excelled. Hardly surprising as it was originally developed as a games engine to be used in video arcades.

    With its iconic status and irrefutable role in the evolution of home gaming assured, it came as no surprise to us to discover that boffins have now managed to bung a whole heap of C64 games into one self-contained plug 'n' play joystick. And when we say heap we're not exaggerating.

    The C64 Plug 'n' Play is pre-loaded with 30 (yes 30!) of the greatest C64 games ever created, including Summer Games, Speedball, Pitstop 2, Jumpman Jr and Impossible Mission. All you have to do to get your vintage vidgame fix is plug this suitably retro joystick into the nearest telly.

    Before you know it, you'll be transported back into a world of blocky graphics and simple but addictive gameplay. And when we describe the C64 as 'plug 'n' play' we really mean it. Because unlike the ludicrously complex games of today, all thirty classics can be picked up in a flash.

    With this many groundbreaking games, the C64 Plug 'n' Play is guaranteed to keep you glued to the gogglebox for hours on end, and it's so spectacularly evocative you could well find yourself dusting down your legwarmers and heading down to the roller disco to compare high scores and check out the latest Haircut 100 single.

    This is not a standard plug 'n' play games machine - essentially it is the Commodore 64 re-released. This 30 game Plug 'n' Play device uses the original operating system of the Commodore 64, so the unit can do anything the original machine can do. The games are not "replicas" of the originals they *are* the originals - with the original graphics, original sounds and original breakthrough game play.

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