Colour Me Hip Hop
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Colour Me Hip Hop

Stop. Colour in, and listen.

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    Flava Flav

    Colouring in time with Flav!

    From inner-city New York projects to total world domination, there’s no denying Hip Hop is one of the defining musical styles of our times. So we couldn’t help but throw our hands in the air, and wave them like we just didn’t care when this arrived in the ‘hood.

    The Colour Me Hip Hop colouring book is packed with classic MCs, DJs and rap references, and features everyone from Snoop Dogg/Lion, Biggie and the Beasties to Kanye, Lil’ Kim and Kid ‘n’ Play. Perfect for when you’re rollin’ in the Benzo, or just doing some colouring on the corner.

    And you don’t stop.

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