Colour Changing Umbrella
  • Colour Changing Umbrella

Colour Changing Umbrella

A splash of colour

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    Umbrella changing colour

    Talk about water colour challenge!

    With the exception of Gene Kelly, being caught in a downpour is sure to give anyone the grumps. But not if you have the Colour Changing Umbrella.

    This clever, compact rain-keeper-offer has a white raindrop pattern around the canopy – which is enough to set it apart from the usual humdrum brollies. But get it wet, and these white drops will suddenly bloom into a full spectrum of colours. Magic!

    white drop and green drop

    Design is white when dry and changes colour when wet

    Oh alright, it’s not magic. The colourful raindrop pattern is actually coated with a layer of white hydro-chromatic ink. When this high-tech stuff gets wet it becomes completely clear, revealing the colours beneath. Simple when you know how! Not that the kids need to know that. You can just tell them a rainbow is leaking. Or you’re collecting watercolours.

    Compact enough to carry in your bag, the Colour Changing Umbrella is a great way to brighten your day when the heavens open. And you don’t have to make a song and dance about it.

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