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Colour Changing Gelli Baff
  • Colour Changing Gelli Baff

Colour Changing Gelli Baff

Wash and goo

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    Hurrah! Another excuse to make a mess, but this time it’s in the easy-to-clean confines of the bathtub. Now you can turn your little ones’ wash-time into a slurpy, gunky, multicoloured muddle with Colour Changing Gelli Baff. Just pour this magical mix into the warm bathwater and watch as it turns it into sqidgy, slimy goo- perfect for sliding about in and far more fun than boring water!

    Description Description Description

    Prepare it
    Sprinkle in the 'goo former'

    Enjoy it
    Good clean fun!

    Dissolve it
    Sprinkle in the 'goo dissolver'

    When it’s time to hop out, just pour in the de-flumpulating formula to turn the Gelli Baff into regular liquid again, changing colour as it goes. Magic? Maybe. Fun? Definitely!

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