Summer Sale 2018
Colour Changing Espresso Cups
  • Colour Changing Espresso Cups

Colour Changing Espresso Cups

Sippin' in style

Product not available at the moment.
  • Mysterious colour-changing cups with matching saucer
  • For when only a tiny shot of very strong caffeine will suffice
  • UK Exclusive!


Like Hypercolour t-shirts before them, the Colour Changing Espresso Cups are making heat-sensitive accessories cool again (except they’re more bespoke Armani than bedraggled hippy).

Available in a range of bright colours, these cups mysteriously react to your super strong (yet surprisingly small) hot drinks. With each drip or sip they gradually morph into a different shade, making every cup unique.

Crafted completely from glass, they’re incredibly classy and will be right at home next to that fancy new Italian espresso maker... but they’re equally happy to slum it next to a tin of instant, too.

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