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Colour Blind Clock
  • Colour Blind Clock

Colour Blind Clock

Are you seeing comfortably?

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    Close up of the number three

    The magic number is...?

    How can you find out if there’s a colour in the spectrum that you can’t see? Well, this rather pretty (and slightly tongue-in-cheek) Colour Blind Clock will help.

    The printed face of this toughened glass wall clock features numbers three, six, nine and twelve, hidden amongst the dappled dots. Their only difference from the dots around them is their colour. If you can see them – hurrah! You’re not colour blind. If you can’t see them – congratulations! You can count yourself alongside Mark Twain, Jack Nicklaus, Bob Dole and actor/warbler “Meatloaf”.

    Can your eyes stand the test of time? Check out the Colour Blind Clock and find out!

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