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Colossal 11kg Gummi Bear
  • Colossal 11kg Gummi Bear

Colossal 11kg Gummi Bear

By gummi, it’s ginormous!

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    Perfect for teddy bears' picnics

    Sweets are good for you. We just made that up. Size isn’t everything. We just made that up too. But who cares because we’ve gone a bit loopy ever since we clapped eyes on the Colossal Gummi Bear.

    Handmade in the USA (where else?) this monumentally ginormous piece of comedy confectionery laughs in the squishy little faces of other so-called Gummi big boys.

    Weighing in at a jaw-dropping 11.79kg and loaded with a diet-clobberingly impressive 32,000 calories, this 17” hunk of gelatinous yumminess is a whopping 7280 times the size of a normal Gummi Bear, and more than five times bigger than a Giant Gummi Bear. Indeed, comparing this to the once almighty Giant Gummi bear is like comparing Godzilla to an Ewok.

    Three fruity flavours:

    Red Cherry


    Blue Raspberry


    Fruity Bubblegum

    sweets in the tummy

    1 litre recessed bowl in his tummy
    – ideal for serving party snacks!

    Despite our opening statement this really isn’t all about size. That’s because the Colossal Gummi Bear also features a one-litre capacity bowl in its tummy. Fill it with sweets, crisps, booze or even (gulp!) regular Gummi Bears. The possibilities are endless. We guarantee guests will go gaga as they scoop from its capacious stomach cavity.

    Granted, the Colossal Gummi Bear’s price tag is as eye-watering as its dimensions. But if you’re daft enough to take on an edible bear of this enormity we’ll assume money is the last thing on your mind (whereas sweeties are probably the first).

    Don’t worry about receiving a mutilated Gummi Bear through the letterbox (not that it would fit) because the Colossal Gummi Bear is so gargantuan it comes packaged in its own sturdy plastic container. And with a shelf life of a year you’ll have more than enough time to contemplate stuffing your face. Next stop: your gob. Mmm, chewy!
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