Colibri ATL CX-30 Quantum Lighter

    Colibri ATL CX-30 Quantum Lighter

    Matches have met their match

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      ThereÂ’s something incredibly satisfying about having a permanent and weighty lighter instead of scrabbling for matches and disposables. The Quantum Lighter is just such an item; a beautifully crafted flame provider from Colibri, fabricators of great lighters since 1928. Its wind-resistant flame is almost invisible, and backed a noise that could only be matched by a two-inch Space Shuttle at take-off. The mundane act of sparking up rapidly takes on an air of quality with one of these to hand.

      But is does more than just light your smokes. On one side of the Quantum Lighter is a knife; on the other a bottle opener with a snub-end that acts as a screwdriver. Both are stainless steel. ThereÂ’s even a magnetic compass, which is presumably there to help locate missing fags when rushing out of the door. And as this is a fine smoking implement, it requires a little TLC. The finest butane with which to refill it (thereÂ’s a little window in the fuel tank so that you can keep tabs on how many tabsÂ’ worth is left) and regular bleeding of its pipes and airways are essential for the QuantumÂ’s well being. There is no way on Earth youÂ’ll ever leave this on the table at closing time.

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