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    The smart way to sort your change

    Because paper and plastic are the post-millennial payment methods of choice, most of us tend to chuck our loose change into the nearest receptacle and procrastinate over sorting it out until we're either really skint or really bored.

    And although manually sorting out mountains of coins can be rather satisfying in an 'I live on top of a beanstalk' kind of way, the novelty soon wears off when you lose count or knock over your 5p skyscrapers for the umpteenth time. Besides, this is the fast-paced Noughties and who can be bothered wasting precious time sorting out shrapnel? Especially when the ingenious motorised Coin Sorter can do it for you.


    Who's going to sort out this mess?

    Despite looking like a retro chemical set, this nifty little machine will sort out all your UK coin denominations, from 1p to £2, faster than you can sing 'If I were a rich man, ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum.' Maybe even faster!

    Operating the Coin Sorter is easy 50p-sy. Just turn the counter on and pour in your coins. The machine then magically filters the coins into transparent tubes marked with each denomination. All you have to do is bag 'em up and cash them in. The Coin Sorter can hold between 25 and 50 coins of each denomination, depending on the size.

    If you're a real coin hoarder this little piece of money-sorting magic could quite feasibly pay for itself in one go. And trips to your local drinking emporium could be financed in an instant by pouring your weekly collection of coins into the Coin Sorter's eager cakehole.

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    Just throw your coins in the top...

    Watch as that loose change adds up...

    See how many pennies you've saved!

    The motorized Coin Sorter is also ideal for sorting out petty cash in the office, and it's incredibly gratifying watching the coins pile up - you almost feel as if you're getting something for nothing. Of course you're not, but get hold of a Coin Sorter and you'll never have to count, balance or pile your coins again. Sorted!

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