Coin Saving Jar
  • Coin Saving Jar

Coin Saving Jar

This time next year we'll be millionaires

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Please Note:
The coin saving jar only works with British pounds and pence.
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    Coin Saving Jar

    Ingenius! Now where are all my coppers!

    One day cash will become obsolete, rendered useless by the relentless march of plastic. Until then we'll have to make do with pesky paper and clunky coins. And what about those coins? Jingly, jangly nuisances that you bung in a jar and forget about 'cos you can't be bothered counting them. That's why you need the ingenious Digital Coin Saving Jar.

    Coin Saving Jar

    Doubles up as a clock too!

    This nifty container is here to deliver you from all that coin counting malarkey as it keeps a running tally of your savings via the LCD display in its lid. Every time you slip a coin through the slot, the electronic counter adds it to the total. And if you need to make a quick withdrawal simply key in the amount taken and the counter deducts the coins from the total.

    How to withdraw:

    Coin Saving Jar

    Twist off the cap...

    How much do you intend to spend?...

    Add the amount: the counter will deduct from the total!

    The Digital Coin Saving Jar is a great gift for kids, tightwads and financially dense adults because watching the total rise encourages users to save their pennies. We're using one for petty cash here at Firebox HQ and it's amazing how much change you get from a few paperclips when this all-seeing, all-knowing money jar is around. Hmmm...

    Coin Saving Jar

    Takes 2x AAA batteries

    Thanks to this time-saving device you won't have to guess how many coins you've got before bagging them up and banking them. Simply wait until you've got a decent whack (say, five pints' worth), untwist the lid and enjoy. Actually, maybe coins aren't so bad after all.

    Coin Saving Jar

    The whip round so far...

    The Digital Coin Saving Jar is great for whip-rounds as you can see when you've raised that £2.50 for the boss's leaving do or that £250.00 for your birthday pressie. It's also a great post-pub gizmo because you'll never forget how much shrapnel you plopped in it before crashing out on the sofa. In fact this smart digital coin vessel is a must-have item for anyone who uses cash. And unless you're royalty or some kind of anti-establishment hippie, that means you. Ker-ching!

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