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    Simply drop in your drink

    We all use ice to stop our cold drinks warming up too quickly. But how do we stop our hot drinks cooling down too fast? Hot ice? Don’t talk crazy. You need Coffee Joulies.

    Make burnt tongues a thing of the past – these ingenious beans make blisteringly-hot coffee (or tea) drinkable, but also keep it hot for longer. How do they manage that? Good question. Pop the kettle on and we’ll explain.

    Each of these polished, stainless steel beans has a phase change material (PCM) sealed inside. This high-tech stuff melts around140°F (60°C) and draws the heat out of your scolding coffee; so you can start sipping it sooner. However, it releases the heat that it has absorbed far slower than the hot liquid around them. So these clever beans will also delay the cooling of your drink.

    comes as a set of 5

    Enough for your friends too

    So rather than waiting for your cuppa to cool, then completely forgetting about it, drop a Coffee Joulie in to enjoy slurp after slurp of perfect temperature tea or coffee. And all this using only the wasted thermal energy of your drink. Magic beans? You better believe it.

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